Monday, March 2, 2009

Path finder

This robot is very cool because it goes forward until it senses an object. It then stops, turns the front wheels one way and then the other to see which path is longer. It then chooses the longer path. I really like this robot!!!!!!

Here's what the program looks like. I haven't commented the code yet. Sorry about that.


  1. Woah! Spencie! You have become quite an engineer. I am impressed that you understand all of that code and can make those robots do what you want. Your blog is growing too! I am so proud that you are my Nephew! Ask your dad to show you the dance called "The Robot" if he has not already. He was really good at it in the early 80's.


    Aunt Jen

  2. Hello Spencer

    I am 9 times older than you and I can't figure out how you do that. Wow! You are one smart dude.

    Do you know this is the only blog I have ever seen or responded to? I am verrrrry proud of you.



  3. Hey Spence,
    These robots are all so super cool! It is really amazing that you are building and programing them. Why did you decide to have this one choose the longer path after finding which is longer and which is shorter?

    Can't wait to see your next creation :)

  4. Spencer
    I'm curious why the robot chooses the longer path? Maybe he wants the exercise? He and I would not be compatible..I would choose the shorter route! Love the robot though and it's amazing that you built it.

  5. spencer! very cool!!!!
    this is defintely NOT a lazy robot (going the LOOOONG way, rather than the short way!). by the way (pun intended), what do you mean by "longer"?

    also, can you program your robot to go to 4 diferent places and cover the shortest distance? how would you do it?
    what if it were 5 different places?


  6. Hi Spencer-
    The robot's so cool -
    Where did you get the materials to build it? How did you program it?
    I hope to see you soon!